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                 I'm an American Ethiopian from California who maintains sanity through writing, acting, and being creative. Born and raised in Addis Ababa to Orthodox Christian parents, I immigrated to the United States to live the American Dream. However, it is slowly becoming apparent that the actual dream is in fact the reconciliation of my spiritual needs with my American pursuit.

                      After getting my Bachelors in Theatre-Arts at Santa Clara University and receiving my M.F.A in Playwriting at The Actors Studio of Drama School at Pace University in New York, I was immediately inducted into the all time hall of flame that is real life where I realized, not quickly enough and to the utter roasting of my ego, the world is a crucible for metals wherein if I didn't have the steel to withstand the fire then I will surely be robbed of my opportunity to burn. Bright or otherwise. In plainer terms, I went to acting school only to get cast into the world of business. So far, my most expensive lesson is getting in debt to bet on myself turning profit from my theater classes faster than my loans could care to show interest.

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