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Bezachin Taddesse Jifar

Vocal Range: G2-E3 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 168 LBs


Selected Theatre


Role: Lt. Col. Vershinin (in Three Sisters)

Director: Angie Higgins (at Utopia Theatre Project)

Location: San Francisco, CA

Role: Jacques (in As You Like It)

Director: Cynthia Branch Lagodzinski (at SVS)

Location: San Jose, CA

Role: Joshua Moore (in West-Coast Premiere of Alabama Story)

Director: Lisa Mallette (at CLTC)

Location: San Jose, CA

Role: Cassius (Scene from Julius Caesar )

Director: Derek Straat

Location: New York, NY

Role: Asagai (in A Raisin in the Sun)

Director: Aldo Billingslea (at Pear Avenue Theatre)

Location: Mountain View, CA

Role: Macbeth 

Director: Frederick Tollini (at Santa Clara University)

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Short Film

The Last Hit

Role: Sonny

Director: Hitaish Sharma

Location: New Jersey, NY

Portia's monologue - A Merchant of Venice


Less Than The Number Three

Originally written for stage as a One-Act play. 

Special Skills

Play piano, Djembe drum (African rhythms), modern dance, juggling, Intermediate French, Speak Amharic.

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