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  • Bezachin Jifar

Light Reading of Life

Death is unequivocally final

Indecision on the other hand is living dead

Life is to live deeply, to add to everyone's life

Face your human-cursed fears right in their scary faces and tell them to go drown in obscurity just like how they make you feel

Death is deeply deeply personal

Life is super universal, it's the butterflies in your stomach exchanging warm stories around a pot of some of the gooiest stuff you've ever felt

Fantasy is anesthesia

Reality is alcohol on opposite day

No need to find out if the aliens are real cause they are

No need to worry about evil rich people cause evil morally bankrupt wannabees are doing all the work

Loneliness is only a problem when you're not enough for you

Paying attention is free, what's expensive is what you pay your attention to

Science is Science is Science is Science

Love is Love is Love is Love

Stupidity is Stupidity is Stupidity is Stupidity

Luck is a miracle disguised as Mercy for the Love of God

Oh Time, Oh Time my sweet sweet eviscerator of plans, projections, & promises

But also my sweet nutritionist, my fruit maker, my blacksmith for what I am made of

Present pleases you, Past supports you, Future keeps dying seeking your approval

The point is we are here

Purpose is human

Calling is divine

Inspiration is simultaneously a fireman and an arsonist

So, deep death, not a shallow one

Deep not steep

Meaningful not meaningless

True freedom is dying day to day with bright & full intention of living through the impossible.

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